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    Hello Friday 🤩👊😊. Kama Fitness has: 9.30am CIRCUIT with Renee. Come in challenge the mind and body.. No STEP tonight......Have a great day ladies and
    SHINE BRIGHT like the DIAMONDS you ARE 🤩🤩🤩..
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    Hello Thursday: Today we have 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm HIIT: Come in get Fit, Fierce and Your Fabulous On Team... Take care and Keep your mind and Body Healthy...
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    Wednesday morning and my Fabulous bunch of SWISSBALL Ladies are always here with style, endurance and a Great Attitude 👊👊.. Today we have 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm DANCEFIT: 6pm SPIN...
    Make the Choice to Put Yourself First Ladies as You Are Worth it and Deserve it... Have a fabulous hump day...
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    Tuesday morning and Kama Fitness is all about supporting Women.
    Believe, Achieve, Succeed Ladies.... Today we have: 9.30am Circuit: 5.30pm Boxing 👊👊👊... Get up Smile at others to let them know you care...
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    Happy Monday Ladies! Here are some photos from yesterday of our Kama Fitness team and Round the Bays 2021... We had such a blast! What amazing effort team! You were all fabulous!
    We have the following classes on at Kama today
    circuit- 9:30am
    Zumba- 5:30pm
    Come on down and have a go! Have a great day team and see you soon!🤩👊😀
    6 days ago Bridgitt White
    Nawww I so would have joined you ladies if I wasn’t working, I love a good dress up too lol😜
    5 days ago Kama Fitness NZ
    Bridgitt White Next dress up we'll invite you 😊
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    Morning Saturday 🤩👊🤩. Check out Friday CIRCUIT with Renee who has her Tribal Phoenix business for Women running out of Kama Fitness. Truly an inspirational, motivating Instrcutor. Have the courage to come and try a Class. Today we have: 9.30 Dancefit: 10.15am Stretch. Come and join us for a shaking good time 😁😆😅...
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    Good morning Friday: This pic is Thursday CIRCUIT and this bunch of Go Getter's makes my job well worth it... Kama Fitness has 9.30: CIRCUIT: 5.30pm STEP.... Have a great weekend Team and Be kind and Stay Safe...
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    Thursday and Wow a fabulous day it's going to be... Check out Wednesday Night Dancefit at 5.30pm: Come join the Craze where you have some much fun while working out 🤩🤩🤩. Today Kama Fitness has: 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm HIIT.. Be Patient: Honest and Never Give UP on Yourself as Your Worth It
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    Good morning Wednesday 👊👊👊 Today we have: 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm DANCEFIT: 6pm SPIN: Do You, For You and You shall become the person you want to Be.
    Healthy is a Choice no a Chore... Take care and Be kind and Positive....
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    Good morning Tuesday: Here at Kama Fitness we enjoy great food and company. Karaoke night with an amazing bunch of ladies and awesome food. Today we have: 9.30am: CIRCUIT: 5.30pm BOXING... Take Care be vigilant sanitise, scan in, protect yourselves...
    1 week ago Coral MacLennan 1
    Looks like a fun evening 👏
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    Good morning team! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!
    We have on today at KAMA
    9:30am- circuit
    5:30pm- Zumba
    6:15pm- stretch
    Come and have a go team! Keep moving, stay motivated and have a great monday!
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    Good morning Saturday 👊😊😊 and Wow what a day a head of us... Kama Fitness has : 9.30am Dancefit with Birdgitt: Stretch: 10.15am,
    Come in get your GROOVE on with some fun tunes and the Moves are so easy Ladies.... Embrace You, For You and Never Give Up 😇😇😇
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    Good Morning Friday 👊👊👊. Today we Have 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm STEP, love to see you here Ladies... TONIGHT: Karaoke so Bring those singing voices and entertain the Kama Fitness Staff from 6.30pm till 9.30pm.. Have a Fabulous Day and Shine Bright Like Diamond 🤩😇🤩
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    Thursday has arrived and here we have Swissball 6am ladies as well as Saturday Dancefit Team with Bridgitt White who we welocme to Kama Fitness. So ladies want to move and groove come on in every Saturday at 9.30am. Today we have: 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm HIIT. Don't Count your days Make them Count 🤩😇😊
    2 weeks ago Bridgitt White
    Lhadii Kaeaa Kat John Waimotu Konia ❤️❤️
    2 weeks ago Kat John Waimotu Konia
    Bridgitt White thats us cuz😂😂😍🤗
    2 weeks ago Lhadii Kaeaa
    Bridgitt White churr mah maoris cheehooo 😜😜
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    Come on in Ladies: You will not be disappointed. The Only Excuse is You Not Trying...
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    Good morning Wednesday 😇.. Kama Fitness has: 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm DANCEFIT: 6pm SPIN, no Excuses not to come in and get your body feeling good. Take care out there and Stay Positive it's only water 🤩🤩🤩
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    Good morning Tuesday. Hope you all had a great long weekend. Kama Fitness has: 9.30am CIRCUIT: 5.30pm BOXING: Come on in and get your workout on..... Happy Tuesday Team 🤩😊🤩
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    Good morning Ladies: Check out this Powerful Wahine: Ladies want to be come Stronger, Fitter and Unstoppble then come to Kama Fitness and get Coached by Renee MacLennan- Henry.. You will not be disappointed...
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    Good morning Saturday 🤩🤩🤩. Kama Fitness has DANCEFIT with Bridgitt at 9.30am, so ladies lets fill the room and have some fun while learning new dance moves.
    Then STRETCH: 10.15am. Lets teach our daughters how to be successful women, in mind , body, fitness and life.. Have a Blessed long weekend Ladies 😊
    3 weeks ago Judy Murphy
    Loved every moment of my time at the gym this morning