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We have lots of classes for a range of needs and abilities, just ask one of our friendly team members and they will guide you to the right class for you.

See below for all the options. 


Why not pamper yourself with some of our wonderful services available, from Saunas to sunbeds.

Have a look at the price list below.

Personal training

Let us guide you into the body you want. A personal trainer will help set up the right program for you, and take you to a fitter, healthier you!



We work alongside Trilogy of Healthy Living and The Nutrition Hutt.

Get involved in the Smoothie Club, it’s a great way to have fun and enjoy getting your nutrients.

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Don’t worry if you haven’t done a workout for a while (or ever).

We will find the right class for you and put you on your journey towards a healthier you!

Lower Hutt health Coach

A mix of yoga, Pilates & functional stretching to improve your flexibility, strength & mobility.

Step Class Wellington

​​Basic choreography utlising the step. Designed to get the legs and heart rate moving. Perfect for those looking to get cardio up and a toned lower body.

Swiss Ball training Lower Hutt

A class focused on toning and sculping while also improving your stability & balance. Utilise the Swiss ball and various weights to get you on the way to a fitter leaner you.

Boxfit Lower Hutt

Incorporating pad-work and adding kicks with functional movements whilst giving you a highly energetic full body workout. Let’s have fun and release some stress!

Circuit Class @Womens Gym Lower Hutt

A great way to improve your strength and fitness using a variety of aparatus

Dance Fit Wellington

Move your body and a have a ball getting fit with some great dance moves.

Personal Training

Let us guide you into the body you want.

A personal trainer will help set up the right program for you, and take you to a fitter, healthier you!

Learn how to strengthen your body, while managing your weight and feeling great.

Weight Loss

Excersise is key to losing that bit of extra weight you’ve put on.

We will help manage your excersise plan to safely help you lose weight.


Building your core muscles with give you strength to do more with your body, you will feel able to do so much more!


Get your heart pumping!

And burn those calories! 

Personal Training

Members –

30 mins $30.00 or 

60 mins $50.00 

Non Members –

30 mins $40.00 or

60 mins $60.00

Book at reception


One off Casual



Sauna casual

$5.00 / $40.00 

Book at reception 

Pamper Package

Sauna / Sunbed    (48 hours between tans)

$70.00 p/m

Book at reception 

Sunbed 10 sessions

$55.00 – for members 

$65.00 – Non members 

48 hours between Tans 

Book at reception 

Sunbed Casual

$8.00 – for members 

$9.00 – Non members

48 hours between Tans 

Book at reception 

Vibration Training

15 minutes $20.00 

Package deal 

2 x $35.00 


The staff as so friendly and helpful and all know your name. I love the atmosphere!”

Lisa O'Brien

For woman who need the inspiration and the mindset to change in a wonderful caring environment that anything is possible

Jennifer Tester

Love it here, Kim and the team keep the place so clean and smelling good!

Helen Jackson



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